• i’m a little racist

    by  • November 17, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, Frustration • 0 Comments

    i used to say that i was not racist, then apparently it is normal for everyone to be a bit racist. I began to focus on me, i became aware of my white privilege. i still try to see everyone as people, just trying to get by.
    but since we have been remodeling my mothers home, i am a bit more racist. we tend to have mostly Hispanics doing a lot of the work. i mean, it might not be a Hispanic thing. it might be a “man” thing
    since i have begun to witness these guys come into our house and take advantage of the fact they they work in our house. i wonder what they do at their own houses.
    i mean these people wipe their ass and put it in the trash, or the sink! who knows why.
    many people have told me not to criticize people just “trying to do their job”, sure but in our house, with our things, half the time even if they do communicate no matter what you tell them they seem to do what they want. even though we didn’t discuss it lets move all of this stuff so we can paint, and instead of trying to move that stuff we will paint around it, getting paint on it. let’s throw all of the broken pieces of wood flooring onto the ground by the curb, instead of trying to put it in a garbage bag.
    guess who has to clean it up, not them.
    so ya now i notice other races and i am starting to think “why can’t it be someone more like me, someone who speaks my language, literally and figuratively. why can’t it be someone who would understand what the consequences to their actions will be and mean for the person whose house they work in, who is eventually paying them (after the contractor takes his share)
    btw, we are usually home when they are here. we have tried talking to the contractor, and he blows off all of our concerns.

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