• What am I missing?

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    Did I go to prom my first two years alone because I couldn’t get you to go with me? Check.

    Did I not even go to prom my last year because I didnt want to go alone again? Check.

    Did I invite you to my graduation, but you didn’t even respond? Check.

    Did I break down in tears during my graduation when I realized you weren’t coming? Check.

    Did you ban me from my favorite place under false pretenses? Check.

    Did you cut off all forms of communication with me? Check.

    Did I still try to find you after all that? Check.

    Did I still continue to love you for years after you told me it was “impossible” for us to be together? Check.

    Did I still continue to love you after you told me you were in love with someone else? Check.

    Did I wish you happy birthday every year even though you probably don’t even know when mine is? Check.

    Did I wish you a happy valentine’s even though I hadn’t seen you in almost two years. Check.

    Did I write you hundreds of letters here, even after not receiving even one recognizable response? Check.

    Do I still love you. Check.

    Should I? Do you even care? Will things ever be different between us? I don’t have the answers to these questions.

    But I’m still the bad guy right?

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