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    In my culture/tribal clans back in the olden days if a man really liked you he would kidnap you, send a dowry of cattle to your parents and you would be as good as traditionally married.

    Others would send their uncles to speak to your parents then cattle would be brought into the kraal and if you did not like the man you would go naked into the kraal and take the cattle out yourself as a sign of refusal. Or you would just plain refuse the uncles would go back and tell you what happened.

    Luckily we dont live in that Era anymore

    But I dont know, I am partial to the kidnapping part and sending the cattle dowry to my parents

    I wish you would do that to me, lol and to top it off I would help you pack my stuff, lol

    But if I help you that would mean we are eloping, so technically you wouldnt be kidnapping me, huh, lol!

    So yeah, heres to fantasies hoping they would come true

    I would like to know what your ancestors used to do

    Love you my head clean shaven, brown eyed, cute ears, scar on chin below lip and dimpled cheeks mogatsaka

    ;x Tony

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