• P.D.D.

    by  • November 13, 2017 • Thinking of you • 0 Comments

    My god I miss you… but I won’t be with you. Not that I don’t love you,- you know damn well I do. And I know what you’ve most likely been saying; that I just flipped out of nowhere, I’m crazy, blah, blah. Honestly, I really don’t care what everyone else thinks happened, or even if you admit it out loud.
    You claim that you’re 100% always, but you said yourself that your default action is to deny. Even when it’s undeniably your fault,- it’s never an apology. Everything has a justification. Normally you lay the guilt at my feet then say that I never take the blame to all who’ll listen. Which this is easy to do since I tell nothing to anyone. This time there was no text messages to show you your guilt, so I can’t prove my innocence.
    I can’t take being in love with a man who is so narcissistic that he can’t admit when he’s done wrong,- even in private. It’s too hard for me to stay with you when you’d rather make it seem like I’m crazy than fucking say SORRY!

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