• Pyromaniac’s Lover

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    Those snapping looks that shake me to my core and make me remember that winter is here. It’s arrived before I even expected it. I thought it would never come. You are a season that I can’t help but love more than I could love any others.

    You look and we keep looking and it makes me swear I’m floating. Floating through you, flying above you. The match you’ve lit. Loving every second of it.

    Being near you is something like snowflakes. They coat my hair and are so beautiful. Making it so you can’t see in less than minutes. But you’re covered in beauty. So it doesn’t matter.

    The most potent high I could achieve, you. You in everything that you are, your laugh that makes me cry. Your arms that make me feel safe, but launch me into your galaxies. You can’t fall for the arsonist and not fall into the flames.

    I have breathed you into my lungs. Your face is where my life force resides. As long as you’re here, as long as you’re here. You open me again. You’ve cracked through me and found explosives. And you know just how to set me off. How to make me into your art.

    You belong in the smoke, in the bakeries. In your home, in homes you’ve made your own. You belong in a room of never ending laughter, you bring the scene of love. And you continuing on. That is everything. That’s you.

    I can’t help but wonder. Who am I to you? When you were in my room, blowing dust off my record player. Sitting on my dresser, inches from my face. Am I something worth lighting? Or am I just a pocket explosion too dangerous to light?

    I am in awe of the moments I’ve gotten to experience with you. I can’t help but want more. They said this was going to happen. That I was going to fall in love with you. But I had no idea. No idea that they were right. No idea that here I would be, in love with you. I want you more than anything.

    It’s a double wicked trouble, considering this isn’t just me. I feel it with you. It’s there, it’s burning and it can’t be ignored. It’s going to go up in flames. And I want to be there with you, I want this.

    I can’t imagine you exhaling smoke into my mouth if you weren’t also thinking of bringing it closer. I will, I will. I have to, I have nothing to lose. I want to love you like this. I want to feel your lips on mine, your touch. I want to release and see you give me that smile of yours, and fall weak all over again.

    Maybe you think this would be dangerous to pursue. But you’ve never been afraid of these things. What’s the worst that could happen? Nothing. Because my lips are sealed. They would never say anything. All they want is your lips on them.

    I don’t stop myself from going after love. I hope you don’t either. You love fire. Why not light one with me? You’ve come so close. Take it further. Who knows the beautiful colors that it will make. The way the sky could react. It’s your divine purpose, causing beauty, being beauty.

    I still wear your jacket. It’s you. And to feel you on my skin makes me feel content enough to sleep. Wild enough to dream. Alive enough to want to wake up again.

    It’s never cold enough to recover from the heat you bring. No fireworks display could compare to you. You put the sky and any painters of it to shame. You are something else.

    It’s sad to think you don’t know it. You aren’t just like everybody else, you aren’t just someone. You are someone who the sky surrounds and loves. That the storms gather around. You play a drum that has called me before you. To fall under your fire.

    And here I am. Let’s burn.

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