• Our Song

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    The chords go beautifully together as the sound echoes around us in the night air. Although we are not alone, it feels as if we are when your gaze meeta mine. The music swirls around the two of us to create an invisible blanket that sheilds us from the chilly breeze. With your eyes burning through my protective shell, I feel more vulnerable than ever.

    You continue to play picking up the pace, and I am vaugely aware of your arm rising and falling as your fingertips effortlessly play the song in your heart. We continue to gaze in each others eyes curiously. I am suddenly aware of a continuous thunderous drumbeat in my chest and my breathing slows. Fire sparks in my heart and my entire being instantly feels aflame with heat; however, I can not pull my eyes away.

    The melody that surrounds us sweeps me away into a dreamlike state. Finding myself in another world, a world where I can have you, I rise without breaking eye contact. My feet move towards you slowly until they find a home near yours. I sit next to you without a word for a second, waiting for you to stop playing.

    But you don’t. After containing myself for longer that I thought I could, I am so overwhelmed with my desire that I lean in and kiss you. So sudden it happens that you slowly stop playing. My nails gently scrape the skin of your neck and your guitar falls with a thud. I break away to investigate any damage, but you pull my face back to yours with such ferocity that I almost fall into you.

    As our tongues mingle viciously, I put a leg on each side of yours to balance myself. Straddling you, I let your hands roam my body freely. Enjoying their tender carresses over my shoulders and down my back.My pelvis begins to grind into you involuntarily. My hands are gliding your skin everywhere they can touch: your face, them your neck, then down your side to your stomach.

    Suddenly I hear laughter loudly errupting beside me. I pull away to see him there, staring at his phone with a wide grin, and reality slowly sets in. My ears are buzzing. Shaking my head slightly I see you, across from me, guitar in hand. The music that never really stopped begins to slowly seep into my hearing as it pushes the buzzing out of my head.

    “What is happening here?” I ask, confused and glancing around.

    “What’s supposed to happen,” you answer assuredly.

    To this day, I still am not sure if that was an answer or a question.

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