• My friends brother

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    I’ve never met him in person but I thought if was fun that he added me on facebook after I was thinking him and hiw much I enjoy being treated as part of the family.

    From what she tells ne about him is hes a quiet, socially akward 22 year old with a deep christian background.

    He posted something alarming the other night and immediately asked hana about it. She tells me she’ll have her sister run o er to their moms house to check in on him and explains to me hed just gotten tested earlier in the day for allegations of a sexual assault that had taken place against him, but she says she wasn’t sure if it was an actual assault o exploring his sexuality and then panicking.

    When their other sister arrives at the place all the doors are locked and she doesn’t have a key. The police come and pick the locks. Inside, he’s slit his wrists but he’s alive, he’s able to walk to the ambulance.

    After visiting him, she tells me somberly how deep they went, how shes worried about finding a safe space for him outside of their mothers wgen he’s released. She would take him herself but she has 3 kids, her eldest already battling the anger and depression of his own dads choice of being.

    Their dad travels a lot. And the other two sisters have less space. So theyre talking about a group home. In my opinion it might not be such a bad thing to hear other people around his age who are also struggling.

    Im really fuckin’ glad they got to him in time.

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