• I want you

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    I want you, I love you, I know to want me too. When you catch me in your arms, when you stalk me in the middle of the lesson, when you lift my skirt just to see my furious face, when you tease me in front of my friends, when I approach you and you turn around and grab my hand wrist and almost break my bones while we stare each other deadly in the eye for an eternity, I know that you love me. I still remember when there were no chairs left at party, and the hole evening I was sitting on your lap. But unfortunately you have her. That calm, basic, boring, and ugly girl that you say you love. Do you really love her? Of course you don’t. All in all you still let me hop in your arms while she’s around, you still grab my hand, you still lift my skirt, you still look at me like there is no one else in the room. If you would only tell me… those three holy words. But of course you won’t. Your ego is too big, and mine is the same. Guess I should wait a little longer. But meanwhile I love you, and I can’t wait until I will be your queen and you will be my king. Please hurry up. I have queues of boys waiting to be disappointed.
    ~~~~A girl named Delia for a
    boy named Steven

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