• Sweet surrender

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    On your face as you lay your pretty head down on the bed. Our eyes looking into one another. Your legs fall open . My mouth waters instantly. Your mouth forms the words ” your mine” without sound. I lean in to kiss that gorgeous mouth of yours hard as my breasts press against yours. Your hands rub up and down my bare skin. You grab my ass as your rubbing up against me fervently. I lean my mouth to your ear and softly say ” your mine”. You moan and it pierces my core. My arms wrap around you tightly as I’m fervently rubbing my aching body against your heated, bare skin. Our mouths meet again this time going deep and hard. I pull my head back and our eyes lock. ” I’M so in love with you” are words formed by my mouth but not vocal. The look in your eyes confirm agreement. Your cheeks flush with heat, I can feel it against mine. I can tell by your grip and the pace of your thrust your about to cum. I start to kiss your neck and work my way down to your breast. Your nipple feels good on my lips. I give a little bite as you moan. I then start kissing your stomach. Your hips still moving. I make my way to your silky inner thighs. Your soooo wet. You smell so Good. My mouth craving your taste. You grab me by my hair and say ” hurry I want to cum in your mouth”! My mouth feels a warm wet sensation. You moan sooo loudly as my tongue goes as deep as it can. You beg me not to stop. I’m sucking and licking hard. The grip you have on my hair hurts so Good. I turn you on your stomach and lick you from the back. I pull your hair so I can take that neck. Your body on edge I spank your ass. My clit rubbing up against your warm silky skin. You turn around and we straddle one another rubbing hard. Our mouths swollen from our kissing so deep and hard. Just when I pull back to make eye contact we both release onto one another. Our arms gripping each other hard. Our bodies jolt at climax. The air full of our moaning. Our bodies sweat dripping onto the bed. Breathing out of control. Our bodies relax. We lay in silence in each other’s embrace. Fall asleep to the sound of two heartbeats and wet sheets. No words needing to be spoken for we know where we just went.

    This letter had nothing to do about sex.

    To: My Girl

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