• Suffering

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    I am so stupid when it comes to love

    I have spent my whole life assuming

    Assuming that maybe, just maybe something would and could happen between you and I

    And because of those assumptions they have just led to my never ending heartbreak

    And still do

    Even as loving you makes me happy thus resulting in my inability to let go

    For the life of me even as I know the truth

    The pain of wanting to hang on or letting go is too much to bear

    Heaven and Hell are here on Earth for me

    I used to dream of Heaven and Angels

    Now that dream is gone from me

    There are certainly worse things in Hell than being in Purgatory

    So I guess it means I am in Hell

    Because with Purgatory there is hope

    Hope that one day salvation will come

    I am in the deepest darkest hole in Hell

    A never ending hole of pure horror and torment

    Blinding darkness and screams envelope the gut wrenching darkness surrounding me

    I dont see anything

    I dont see anyone

    Just the piercing screams of people in torment

    We each suffer our own miseries

    My suffering is my own

    I acknowledge and accept it for what it is

    My suffering

    I face towards you and your back is against me

    With confusion you seem to be looking everywhere except towards me

    You dont see me

    You dont hear me

    You dont feel my spirit calling out to you

    I love you but you dont care

    Rantings of a woman in love

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