• Maybe we need someone different

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    I married someone my own age. Was it a mistake?

    Men mature much slower than women. And it’s a damn shame.

    I think you need someone younger than me.
    Someone who’s biological clock has more than enough time. Someone who isn’t worried about very much, and just takes life easy, because they can – they have more time. Someone who’d love nothing more than to stay in bed and play games all day. Someone who maybe isn’t as ambitious. Someone who doesn’t love food as much as I do, and isn’t always thinking about it. Someone who’s thinner, fitter, lighter than me, so that you can pick them up with ease.

    Someone who’s just as vanilla as you are, who’s fine with the same 3 positions and compete lack of foreplay. Someone who’s libido is much lower than mine – who’d be fine with making love maybe once a week. Someone who isn’t as affectionate, serious, or as passionate as I am.

    Maybe I need someone older… Someone more mature.
    There’s a reason I always gravitated to older men.

    Maybe I need someone more emotionally understanding. Someone certainly more passionate, and perhaps more talkative. Someone who will be more apt to take the lead. Someone who cares about the important things in life, and who’s willing to invest in those things.
    Someone who has the same passions as I do. And perhaps you need someone with the same passions you have as well.

    We spoke earlier on finances (because I brought it up, of course), and you reluctantly agreed to what I’d proposed. But now I regret speaking with you about this.

    Was it a mistake? Maybe it’s better to just keep it as separate accounts – you do you, and I’ll do me. So if we split, everything’s easier. I thought it would be easier to have most of the money in one account, as it’ll make it easier for me to budget. But maybe I was wrong.
    Maybe I shouldn’t manage our money, or specifically, your money. Maybe I should just manage my own. Set up my retirement and everything for myself.
    You don’t seem to care much.

    And I think that’s just the problem overall. You just don’t seem to care much. And maybe that’s because you really don’t. And I can’t make you care. And I don’t want to, because then you’d only be caring because I’m saying you should.

    I’m not saying we should divorce or separate. We’re so involved in each other’s families that I’m not sure what would happen if we did. At least, I certainly think it might kinda tear my family apart. It would tear at their hearts. And that sucks.

    In fact, of we did separate or something, I don’t even know if I’d go out with anyone else. I don’t think I could trust them, that they could be who I need them to be. Because I thought that would be you, and now look…

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      November 7, 2017 at 5:52 pm

      You’ll very well find the one, but first you have to close the door that is holding you back from YOUR true love

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