• To my friends mom who doesn’t like me

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    I’ve heard that you don’t like me, i’ve also heard that you think i’m a bad influence on your daughter. However, i’m none of the things that you think I am. I have always tried my very hardest to do well in school, dominate in my athletics, and be cautious with my selection of friends. I do not hang around people that get into trouble, nor do I get in trouble myself. I have never drank alcohol or have done any drugs, not only because I know it’s wrong and it will hurt my body but also because I take wrestling very seriously. I’ve also been told that you don’t approve of the music I listen to. I listen to a lot of rap music because a lot of the lyrics I can relate too, I know you look down upon it because of the strong language and the way some rappers can degrade women, but not all of the rap I listen to is like that. I’ve also heard that you don’t like me because you think i’m disrespectful and rude towards my mother. When I heard this I really didn’t understand, because I don’t recall a time where I have ever been disrespectful or rude towards her with you there. Yes my mother and I have fought, and there is nothing wrong with that. Parents and their children are bound to argue sometimes, that’s life. When my mom or anyone for that matter is screaming at me, I refuse to just sit there and take it. I used to just take it, but then I got fed up with it. No one deserves to be yelled at. I was bullied from the time I started school till the end of 6th grade. Those were some of the loneliest and worst years of my life. I told myself before I started 7th grade that I would never let anyone bully me again, and I would start to stand up for myself. And ever since I made that promise to that little girl, I have never looked back. So if you think that yelling back at my mom when she is yelling at me, is disrespectful and rude, so be it, but I call it standing up for myself. The reason’s I have been given of why you don’t like me are not good reasons. The music I listen too is a personal preference, the way my mother and I speak to each other is between us and is our business, no one else’s. These trivial reasons do not by any means define me as a person. I am kind, hardworking, trustworthy, and one of the most loyal people you will ever meet. Those are a few of the characteristics that define ME as a person. I have always been kind and respectful towards you whenever i’m around you, and yet you don’t like me. If you have as much of a problem with me as i’ve been told then I encourage you to stop inviting me to go to dinner with you and your family, and inviting me to your house for halloween. Because the very last thing I need in my life right now, is for another person to play pretend. I hope that after reading this you will reconsider how you feel about me. Because I consider your daughter one of my closest friends, and even though it may not matter to her whether you like me or not, it matters to me.

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