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    I saw a show with some friends. It was this fun 1920s set where the performers were acting all around you. The actress directing our group was an older showgirl named Dolores who was set on cementing her spot in an upcoming show a group of producers were talking about. The plot was a party and that party was wild.

    At the first table Im at a deck of cards shows the ace of cards face up. One of the performers later gives us a preview of whats going to happen with the pairs with the cards. In the second act our group plays musical chairs and get scattered through the sage setup so everyone gets a different vantage point of the production. The performents ends on a somber not but our party doesn’t end there as a few of us head down to a spot for Crows.

    There I meet a women who works the comicon circuit and a guy who pops periodically to flaunt his knowledge of language, and just to check if youre paying attention he’ll start mixing the languages together. I find myself flustered by it but I leave feeling elated to have had shared sweet company with friends I don’t get to see as often as others.

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