• I wish

    by  • November 4, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, Wish • 0 Comments

    I wish, that we would fall in love with each other… that we could laugh as we do now, and talk to each other as freely and openly as we do now. I wish that we could spend our nights seeing the city night together, talking about this and that, from our horrid routine life to the super confusing movie we just watched. I wish we could go around together taking train rides to nowhere, in silence or in conversation. I feel ease in both situations. Normally, I would feel uncomfortable with silence, trying to rack my brain with any conversation piece I could muster but it’s different with you. The silence is comfortable, and with you, I feel at ease. Even though we don’t talk often, I find that talking to you was the easiest thing I’ve done. The things that bothered me, things that I never talked about before, I talked about them with you. Despite the fact that I lost trust in you earlier too, odd isn’t it? I think about that night over and over again, the night air biting at our skin, the too greasy pizza, and the coloured lights of our surroundings. With all my heart, I really wish we would fall for each other. But… I don’t love you like that, and you don’t love me like that either and I don’t think we ever will. So why do I keep thinking about something that’s never going to happen? I don’t know. I really don’t. But the thought still remains… I really wish that we could fall for each other.

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