• I never told you- a letter from years ago

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    Remember all those times that you made off the wall and hateful comments about my tattoo? I know it bothered you and you could not control yourself so you attempted to hurt me with words.

    Here is what you don’t know. I love my tattoo. I love myself. I love the trip I went on. I love the guy I went on the trip with. For all the times you attempted to hurt me I want you to know that each and every thing you said I smiled inside. Every time you tried to hurt me reminded me of him. Every word that came from your mouth was a memory that I will keep with me forever. YOU DO NOT GET TO TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME!

    You cheated on me. I broke up with you and left you. I met a guy that will forever be special to me. He wanted somebody to go with him because from what I recall he was going through a hard time as well. I owed you nothing. The fact that you shoved him in that club downtown straight up pissed me off. You are a fucking asshole.

    Here is the truth…..the only reason I walked away from him and went back to you was because I knew the shit I was up against and I wanted to protect him as much as I could. He did not deserve to be sucked into the destruction that you were. I knew that if I gave you what you wanted (me) then you would have left him alone.

    It is funny that all the times you cheated on me I did not bring up your mistakes to further harm the relationship. You however could not let the one guy go that I actually liked and I never cheated on you. We were not together anymore.

    I think its funny that you felt the need to hurt me with words because all it did was make me hate you more and miss him so much. I eventually enjoyed it because it was a constant reminder that guys do exist that protect me and make me feel special.

    So in the end I just want to say thank you for cheating on me and also inform you that I am not the same person because of you. You forced me to become something I wish on nobody. He forced me to see the light at the end of the long dark tunnel. My goal was to leave you and I eventually did. I thank that guy you hate so much for the strength.

    So my fairy tattoo says fuck you mike


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