• You are a rapist

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    It has taken some time to come to a place where I am ready to fully address you. When you showed up to my work I honestly was confused. At first I thought you were him under a fake name because you didn’t want anybody to know what you were having done. I want you to know that I know and I have your name and address written down. I have not decided if I will pursue this more legal route or if I will allow your actions to haunt you. Make no mistake in thinking because you are a policeman that you are free to rape girls.

    I also want to inform you that my advice to your posts was strictly on a professional basis and outside of the reality of your actions. When you responded thanking me for being honest I gagged. I have nothing to be honest or lie about. You spoofed my phone and had sex with me believing you were him. You raped me! I hope your wife leaves you. I hope your house catches fire and you can’t get outside in time. And believe me when I say that had I realized when you showed up to my work I would have personally cut your dick off.


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    1. Wishing I could Help
      November 3, 2017 at 12:52 pm

      Dear Britney,

      Don’t hope, report it. This guy is an animal and will repeat what he did to you. I wish I could bury an axe in his crotch for you but it would not bring as much satisfaction as just outing this garbage. Why should you carry the load Britney? Let him take the fall for his actions. As a man I would just love to bring some evil justice to this human excrement and have him beg for mercy and find none. I am so very sorry you witnessed the absolute worst of man and nothing I can say will change that. Get some help fast Britney, don’t go this alone. Please take care of yourself first and foremost, you are worth it and never take an once of this load on your self. This is all HIM!!!!! Know you are in my thoughts and prayers Brit.

      • Britney
        November 13, 2017 at 12:41 am

        Thanks. I do have all the info and I have talked to a psychologist about it. This happened years ago. Sadly the sick fuck twisted what he really did and tried making me look like some whore that fucks married men. Which is furthest from the truth. Not to mention he harassed me for years monitoring my cell phone. Which honestly I find pathetic in itself.

        Yeah he definitely thinks he is above the law. Most rapists do the deed then escape in fear of being caught. This prick had the audacity to continuously harm me for years.

        The humor was not lost when he showed up at my work for a little procedure. He was lucky I was in a state of confusion still because had I not been let’s just say he damn sure wouldn’t have needed that procedure because he wouldn’t have been left with anything to do the procedure on.

        His poor wife. That has to make a girl feel real shitty to learn that not only did my husband cheat on me but he cheated with a girl that never would have had sex with him had she been told the truth in the first place. I thought being cheated on by a boyfriend was bad but being married to a rapist is on a whole different level.

        Anyways thanks for the comment. I still have not made a decision yet. I’m totally good with exposing him in court. I have never been affected by what people think. I do have a little anxiety that I have learned how to manage throughout my years….I just don’t know if I want to deal with the anxiety that will occur from going through the system.

    2. Britney
      November 13, 2017 at 1:54 am

      What is even more messed up is the fact that I didn’t even realize what happened for 2 years. By the time I did it was too late to contact his wife because I’m sure he manipulated his lies and I’m sure she based her opinion of me by what he said.

      Anybody that knows me knows that is not how I roll. I am not one for sharing a man. If I find out they cheated or lied to me and had a girlfriend 9 times out of 10 I will contact the girl to confess and apologize or explain that I was lied to and just found out. I have no fear in doing that at all.

      I have been the girl cheated on more times than I would ever care to remember and honestly being thrown into the category of a supposed home wrecker is not something that sits well with me.

      All I can say is he is lucky I am the person I am today because the girl I was back in the day would have spent the rest of her life ruining his.

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