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    I cry At the thought of you. My whole world has been completely destroyed and I don’t know where to start. If you knew what was happening around me right now, how I just keep waking up and pushing myself. If you knew, how much I need you right now, the trials I’m going through, you would be in tears. Every single night I think of you.
    I go through us, I wonder if you think of me?
    I knew the moment you looked at me, the way you looked at me like that, I knew in that moment that our memories from growing up together and that special bond, you hooked me. You will never meet someone who can become hooked like that. The confusion between us, I just keep thinking “maybe If I pray enough” it will hurt less. But the aftermath? How do I put it all back together? You said so many things to me and I gave you all of me. I trusted you. You had every broken part of me. The one thing I remember most is the way you said those things and how In that moment I decided I wanted to be yours, I wanted to be your wife, mother of your children. I placed your hand on my heartbeat and told you my secrets. You said you would keep them. Then you used them.

    That’s when I realized I was just another stupid girl on your list. But I can’t change who I am, I am passionate about loving others, caring for them and therefor I can’t fault myself for wanting to love you. Even still.

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