• I should have fought back

    by  • October 30, 2017 • Abuse • 0 Comments

    My last year in high school is the worst year of my life. My classmates, my teachers they are all trash. It was also the year I experienced the horror of sexual harassment. It still scares me until now and it is one thing I never talked about to someone. I was not able to report anything because I do not have enough evidence against my attackers. First attack was when my classmate who is a guy pulled my the back of my bra. Another guy did the same. All I did was to cuss at them and hit them but they just laughed it off. Second was when I was a riding a public transport. A 12 yr old boy exhibitioned infront of me. Third, a guy slightly touched my butt. It was horrible. I think it was all my fault because i did not report them. If i tell my parents about it, they will surely say: why didnt you fight back?. I feel so weak. God, is it my fault? Is it my fault that these guys are maniac jerks who gets satisfied by attacking innocent women like me? Shit. Maybe things would be easier if I were a boy. But NO. I must learn to fight back because I am woman. I was silenced and now it is the time to break that silence. It is time to be louder. To those jerks, fuck you .

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