• Dear You,

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    I don’t know if you will ever read this.
    And honestly it doesnt matter.
    But i have to “say” this in some way, and since I refuse to ever engage with you again, I’ll do it this way.

    I’m not a superficial person. At all. But I was out of your league for many many reasons.
    Looks, education, depth of self evaluation and growth, love and acceptance of the world around me and the people in it, style and fashion, careers, life achievements in general, but most importantly, my character and integrity level was always and always will be significantly way way way out of your league.
    In spite of your own very bad hygiene and unhealthy habits that have decayed your face, body and mind, you still are critical and feel you are so attractive and a “catch” because it was told to you by women that are in your same league.
    You should stop just being “friends” with them like you claimed (cough) bullshit, and actually hook up with one of them, because you will never encounter and level 10 person that wants to settle into the land of a 2.
    I always wondered why you were so annoyingly insecure and hateful about any interaction I had with others, but now I realize it’s because you were cheating and talking to others the ENTIRE time.
    So of course you assumed I would do it, because you were.
    I wasn’t.
    But, I don’t even hold you in high enough esteem anymore to ever try to discuss us, our breakup, or ever defend any part of myself to you, ever again.
    I’m truly sorry that you live such a miserable existence, and even more sorry that you live thinking it’s anyones fault but your own. But do know this. All of the garbage you put into my mind to make me question my life, the things I do and the heart I put into it, and my character? I now know it total and utter bullshit. I realize that someone that only know how to manipulate someone is really good at it and so I have forgiven myself for ever letting you touch my heart, body and mind. You were a lousy and disappointing in bed, a bad friend and abusive boyfriend. You are lucky for the small amount of time you had my attention.

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