• what you can do to help people with depression.

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    I want to say, I am currently feeling somewhat depressed, but don’t worry, I could never hurt myself, i would not do that to my mother. i know she needs me too much. but while I am here i wish I could tell this to my friends, I wish they knew how much i need them
    I have coworkers i had planned to organize a trip to the renaissance festival, and lately when i mention anything I get no reply. that hurts. one who insisted we go the weekend that she chose now thinks she can’t go. that hurts. if you have insisted we plan around your preferences, backing out really sucks. your reasons may be valid but we decided to go when you wanted now it seems that it doesn’t matter
    my other friend, i know she struggles too, but I reach out sometimes and get nothing back from her. that hurts.
    you may not intend it to hurt. but it hurts.
    you guys help me fight the good fight. if i look in my corner and you are not there i wonder why i keep fighting. i guess there is my mother but other than her, why do i bother?
    I feel like giving up.
    and a word could stop me from giving up.
    give me something.

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