• Some things you should know

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    I wanted to let this here as a way of maybe if you see it, you see it as not an attack, but honest feedback.

    I always found the way you repeatedly told me that women said you were “so good looking”.
    Honestly, I think this is based on 2 things. One, I have seen pics of them and tot based on that, I’m sure they think you are reasonably attractive. However, good looking? Hardly.
    Sitting next to you was like watching the end stage of a terminal disease. I was always so concerned with my figure after it had changed but yours? Looked worse than my father, and the parts of you that sag, shouldn’t, and the parts of you that SHOULD sag, resemble something I won’t even post.
    Your teeth are black. I saw them every time you laughed. I used to think you didn’t laugh or smile much because of your warped or boring personality, but no, it’s disgusting. And someone your age should know better about dental hygiene.
    You acted so particular about your job, home, “ride”
    But let’s be honest, your apartment has old furniture, nothing special and your car is less quality than most teens I know.
    And your job? It’s funny how at one point you made your salary seem comparable to mine, but you don’t come close.
    Maybe if you showered earlier than 6pm, some initiative may happen in your life.
    Although I could go on and on regarding your embarrassing clothing style, etc, I will end by saying your sex techniques? Which you had Enflamed so much, was the most unsatisfying 3 minutes I have ever had. I had one real orgasm, ONE. And the “special skills” you liked to brag about?
    I was trying to boost your ego to hopefully encourage you too bit. It was awful. I felt like I was a hallmark card Beijing repeatedly sealed.

    You need to actually care about your partners pleasure too.
    Also, keep hiding it, or fix it. Because, ew.
    But, rolling around with scum, you come up dirty.
    And, I hope you choose to stand up and take
    Responsibility, or I will deal with this, publicly.
    Not that those people could view you any worse.

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    1. Ohsnap!
      October 16, 2017 at 5:03 pm

      ???? but girl, you slept with him so at one point there was attraction. You sound a HOT mess right along with dude.

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