• To The Friend Who Abandoned Me

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    You hurt me. I think more than any man has. I thought we were close. When did you start pretending?

    Let me tell you the story of the night shit hit the fan..

    I was ditched in a city, because I am forgetful. I left my wallet in the restroom. I checked and it was not there, told the bartender to look out for my card. Casually brought in up in bar conversations to see if anyone got a little nervous. I was NOT attacking anyone, but more taking a pity stance, like oh yeah this sucks. Her drunk ass thought I was, when she wasn’t even part of conversations I was having.

    She then checked the bathroom and got pissed because she found it. She thought I didn’t check. Clearly someone over heard my conversation and returned the wristlet. Minus money & CCs. She knew my phone was almost dead. They had called an uber and blamed me for missing it. Then they started to talk to men outside the bar and I said I have to call the credit card company and cancel the card. I think part of me knew that she didn’t really hear me, but I was annoyed with her attitude. I couldn’t hear and had to go around the corner. I didn’t think they would leave without me. I was wrong.

    They called, but I couldn’t answer as I needed to cancel the card. I figured they would keep looking and peered around the corner, with no avail. Once it was done, I called back. They took an uber home and said I can come back (which was the plan, my stuff was there). I said no I am going home. With 2% on my phone, no money, I made it home.

    The next day I drove over to pick up my bag. Maybe 3 words were exchanged. I said goodbye down the hallway as I left. That was the last I ever saw them.

    One was super close with me, or so I thought, the other I met through the first girl, but she was closeR with that one. So I was not as hurt by her.

    I didn’t hear from you for 2 weeks. When it hit 2 weeks I texted you. I took responsibility for my faults that night and was honest. It took a while for you to text back. In it you never apologized. Not once. You were just mean.

    When did we really stop being friends? When did you stop caring? Were you affected at all without having my friendship anymore. We used to see each other almost every weekend and talk on the phone multiple times per week as you were walking places.

    You made me feel like shit. It put me in a type of depression that resulted in me losing another close friend.

    I hope you get what you want I guess, but at the same time I wish you would get fat. Basically I just want to be doing better in life than you. I want you to lose a friend like I did. I want you to feel the hurt.

    I just wish I knew more than what you said in the text about me being forgetful. I am like that naturally. It has nothing to do with me drinking. Ask anyone. So why did you ever be my friend. Why did you stick by me when things were bad and I you. Cry on the phone and in person over men. Drink sorrows away, dance the night away, and just be us.

    I just hope you know the hurt you caused. I hope that you feel a little bad for causing it.

    I can’t truly apologize for who I am, and I know now that I am better off without someone like you in my life.

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    1. beware.
      October 14, 2017 at 1:48 am

      Women that leave you out at night after drinking when they know you have no money are not friends you want to have. Fuck, women are selfish cunts sometimes. Really, get some better friends. I’ve lost quite a few over my lifetime. I’ve been there time after time for their turmoil and they’ve let me down time after time. Also get non drinking friends – they will be real friendships. I made who I thought was a friend recently and yet she told my personal stuff to people – the second time it happened – I cut her out. I don’t give third chanced anymore. If they don’t show integrity and grit – I drop them like a hot potato. Good luck finding some good friends – they are out there.

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