• Dear Ian

    by  • October 12, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    I miss you so much and I have no idea why.
    If you look at the big picture, you really never intended to give me any part of you. You were looking for a warm body. You broke my heart in the nicest, most polite way. Actually, no — that’s not true…I broke my heart. I knew what it was all along, I was just in denial.
    So why am I sitting here feeling like we had this amazing connection?
    I wish you would have just been honest with me instead of leading me on.
    Sometimes I wish we never would have met but there’s also this small part of me that refuses to believe we were a mistake. I’ve never laughed with someone the way we laughed. You took me to another world when we talked.
    It felt so real and it was pure fantasy.
    But fantasies aren’t real. Fantastie are just images of the impossible.
    I miss our fantasy world. I wish you missed it too.
    I wonder if our paths will ever cross again.
    In my perfect world, we would sit down and have a cup of coffee and you would just tell me everything. That’s another fantasy.
    More than anything, I just want you to be happy and find all the love in the world.
    And I hope when you see a unicorn, you always think of me.

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