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    My dear friend, It has been a year now when we became close…very close. We talk everyday. We send sms or chat measages every day. We miss each other if we don’t talk in a day. We talk about silly things. We share secrets that we don’t share with anyone else. We talk about our

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    Our daughter

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    The text I mistakenly apologized for sending yesterday morning – the apology was a mistake. I have no idea why I still care about your big ego considering that you have destroyed so much. I will try so hard to avoid thinking of you as a friend, because you are not. In addition to committing

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    As time goes by

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    I’m still hurting. There were still days that I really wanted to die. But there’s part of my brain who says; “steadfast, hold on” all things shall pass. Even your stupidity will pass. Your heartache and disappointments. The pain that he caused. Someday you will feel that things is slightly better than today

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