• We Need Each Other Now More Then Ever

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    Dear Fellow Participants of this Truly Great Experiment called America,

    Are we on the brink of civil collapse? If you tune into the “if it bleeds, it leads” and “if it burns, it earns” purveyors of our “objective” news media, of course we are. NFL, Obamacare, North Korea, and three huge natural disasters and we are on the precipice of failure as a culture. Black people are being crushed under the boots of White Supremacists, dreamers are being dragged from their mothers arms and hurled into the Rio Grande, sick people are having their IV’s yanked out and cast into the street to fend for themselves, and you can choose from 27 different sexual orientations on a daily basis. Never mind Iran, Libya, the Congo, Syria, or take your pick of any number of nation states that regularly torture, rape, and kill their own people for having dissenting views. Never mind Europe who thought that borders were less important than culture and history and are finding out, very quickly, how wrong they were. Progressive politics have, like socialism and communism, never been successful, anywhere or anytime. FACT!! You disprove that statement with fact and I will gladly vote for a socialist candidate.
    The two party system has been obfuscated by the far sides in the parties and our media is only too happy to provide the fuel for these fires. Is Trump 100% right all the time? NO!!!!! Are you? I voted for him because I had become disgusted with the elite class in D.C. I’m still disgusted with these deceitful, corrupt, lying, and, above all, entitled group of miscreants who have hi-jacked our great country and bastardized us in the process. Yes, I voted for Trump and no I’m not happy with all his decisions but we, as a nation, can’t even have civil discourse about anything anymore. Best friends stop talking, races draw lines, and yet here we are everyday trying to eek out a living to take care of our families. Cops are now villains, the new Vietnam Vets. Professional athletes and celebrities are now our moral compass. You and me are lemmings being herded into our rows of distrust. No FUCKING WAY folks. I served this great country, not at war and I thank God for that and I absolutely love all our vets, they are my celebrities. I would have gladly went to battle to protect each and every one of you, it would have been my honor, just as it is for our battle tested vets now and forever. I refuse to accept the narrative being foisted upon us by the talking heads with their own agenda. Be it the media with their model hairdo’s or our elected scum who say one thing and do another. Both sides of the isle are chock full of old, rich, apathetic to our voice, swamp dwellers who only want to protect their privileged existence and lifestyle. We have no idea how rarefied the air is in their world. It is the same air CEO’S and Hollywood elites, and the stench laden holders of old money breathe. Our new plantation masters, and boy do we “step and fetch” to their call. I don’t have to name them, your a lot smarter than they give you credit for but we have been lulled into hate and stupidity by the constant drumbeat of division. Divide and conquer works when it is unrelenting, no matter how strong your resistance. I HAVE AWOKEN!!!! I WILL NOT BE HERDED!!!! I’m a conservative who loves my fellow man, no matter what color, religion, or what they eat for dinner. I don’t care if your gay, not my business or the Governments. If you are an American we have a shared responsibility to secure a future America for our children and their children’s children. I’m a working class white guy who has raised a family, was blessed to provide a decent home in a very diverse town. I have a thousand stories of diversity blindness that I attribute to being from a military family and from having served this great country. I abhor racists of all colors and backgrounds. KKK miscreants are relics of a bitter past in this country and have no place here anymore or ever. We cannot erase the past and must use it as tool for never repeating an ignorant behavior of a time frame and condition we can never know. My Grandmother was 15 years old when she was put on a ship from the Azores to America. She was pregnant with the child of a widower whom she had been given to by her parents to act as a live in nanny and servant. The shame of his actions was taken care of by putting a child alone on a ship to the USA. This was my families landing story. Not subjugated to slave ships by force, I would and could not draw a comparison to those unholy acts, but this was the end of the 18th century and the immigrants who came here from all over were treated like dogs for a long time to come. The Irish were put into Union uniforms and sent to war upon setting foot on American soil. The Jews were forced into ghettos as many from the Slavic countries were. We have a very troubled and ugly past and to hide your eyes from all the injustices done would only further mute the already gagged voices we need to hear. Your voice, my voice. I have chosen to be more assertive in my respect for all people. If I stumbled in the past, God please forgive me and you, my fellow man, please forgive me. We have come so, so far as a nation and, yes, have so many more miles to go. Perhaps it is the journey that is important. We will not cure all our ills in a day or month or even years but we must walk on. For myself, I will no longer be informed by an agenda driven media. I will glean whatever factual information I can and make as informed a determination as possible. No Union or group or party can have any influence on me anymore, I am AWOKEN! I will continue to preach by example and I will pledge to exorcise the demons of preconceived positions. I will give the diverse views an ear and the time and I hope for the same treatment in return. Do not judge me by my skin tone or my beliefs and I promise to return the honor of those gifts. We have been polarized, not by Trump, it was already underfoot. We have been ignited by a dispassionate “leaders” and propaganda that has cut us to our very bones. Did you watch the footage of Houston during the hurricane? What magnificent footage of Black, White,and Latin Americans with only one single purpose, saving each other. It is who we are. Please close your Twitter account, Facebook, Instagram, whatever and talk to each other, live life in real time, love your fellow man face to face. Don’t throw stones from the bushes, step into the light and engage your fellow American. Take off the fucking masks people, it’s the modern hood and looks like shit. Show your face and have heart for your beliefs. Most importantly, do not be a lemming, go to your house of worship and humble yourself for forgiveness of any hate you have within, shake the hand of a Vet and say thank you for your service, hold the door for someone and say thank you sir or mam when they show you the courtesy, we are all proud of our cultures and should embrace that but not use it as a vehicle of hate. I love the fact of difference, not division. I love you all. God Bless You and your family, God Keep our Vets, and God Bless America. We are not perfect but we are the closest thing on earth. Peace be with you my brothers and sisters.

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    1. movpar
      September 28, 2017 at 10:41 pm

      Sick of the elite and yet you stand by your vote to put one in office who has no concern about anyone but himself smh go to bed dear, you’re more delusional than the schizophrenic locked in the ward for his entire life.

    2. Author
      October 3, 2017 at 4:07 am

      Who was your choice? Which non status quo great thinker were you willing to see in office? Nope, on second thought, I will not argue or sink to your level of name calling and mud slinging. Enjoy her book cupcake.

    3. America first forever
      October 3, 2017 at 8:11 am

      My sweet little movpar,

      First thing about this letter was a total lack of shutting out diverse thoughts and a promise to listen. You put nothing on the table to listen too at all. He may give you a pass because it sincerely sounds as if he seeks dialogue, but I’m not bound by his gracious attitude or promise. I was totally on the fence when it came to the last election, not about Bernie or Hillary, but about independents or possibly Cruz or Rubio. If your a Hillary backer I actually pity your ignorance and if your a female, I pity you period. Her and her rapist husband are as removed from reality as one can get. Go speak to the young Sanders campaign workers parents, it would be nice to speak with him but he is dead. If you believe the 70-80 bodies following the Clintons around are just bad luck, you should be in a padded room. You libs just can’t believe he out clintoned a Clinton. Get over it you loathsome ugly pitiful excuse for a female. Your no woman. This author is pipe dreaming if he thinks he can sway people like you to discuss anything. Such a goddamn shame. Keep tearing away you asshole, it only makes us stronger.

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