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    Life is easier when you have money.
    Some of my friends thought I have a good life coz I worked overseas in the office what they don’t know is that my company is having hard time financially and was paying our salaries late. The owners were someone’s who thinks I’m super flexible and it’s ok for me to work in the office and if needed in the shop should attend the shop as well. No matter how I reasoned out that attending shop is not my cup of tea, they wouldn’t listen. I know some people would say find another job. I tried but the salary offer in other company is only half of what I’m getting right now and most of my salary right now is enough to pay off my debt.
    Why I fall on a debt? Because I have an old parents who rely on me on everything even food on their table. Some people will say it’s not my responsibility but I cannot go on living while my parents are suffering or starving to death.
    For all those who said that money can’t buy happiness, had never work their asses up to earn money in the first place.

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    1. black and white thinking
      September 29, 2017 at 2:00 am

      Well, that’s your personal situation which might be worse than many people can imagine. Ironically your point of view is similarly restricted to your personal experience.

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