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    My Life.. it may seem fun right? Haha funny story life isn’t always perfect is it? Maybe to some people it is but with other people that have problems in their life, it could effect your relationship or how you can make friends or your personality can it? Yes it can I was born as a cute baby with a really uncaring father he always did drugs and take our money for things we can’t live without one time we became homeless because my actions my father have done in the passed, the passed is over now right? Well now I’m older my dad doesn’t talk to me or care all he duos still do drugs and pass out… not that smart I would say but cutting to the point now, my dad would always go to jail and my mom got sick of it so we moved and my dad did pretty horrible stuff after my mom forgiving him to try to stay a happy family so that didn’t work out so they got divorced and when I turned 11 years old my dad tried to sexually abuse me but I got out on time before anything happened and he tried too act like it wasn’t illegal to do stuff, life isn’t fun when shit happens is it? No I didn’t think so and going through other step dads and almost having your mother killed is something that has changed me forever, most people don’t understand but I’m from the United States, people can get crazy with drugs, my advice is stay safe and stay away from drama.

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