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    If I approach you, would you turn me away? When I call your name, can you hear me? Can you hear my whispers of my desires for you? When my thoughts turn towards you, are you able to hear what I’m thinking? Can you feel the longing I still feel for you? When you turn the world away, am I there? Are you able to feel my soul calling out to you? Time passes within a blink of an eye, but do you realize that my heart still aches to be with you? We met under unfavorable circumstances. You walked into my life and left just as quickly. Do you even give me a thought? Do you even remember me? I have all these emotions I’ve been trying to bury, but yet here they are; refusing to leave me at peace. I pray one day I’ll be at peace within myself and the thoughts of you that still lingers within me. These are questions I have for you, but you will never be able to answer them for me.

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    1. A
      September 25, 2017 at 9:21 pm

      Never and yes

    2. Rantings of a woman in love
      September 26, 2017 at 12:57 am

      I would like to pretend that this is from the one I love and if this was from him I would say that no I would never turn him away or reject him should he approach me. Yes, I feel the echoes of his love for me. His prayers and desires are all spelled out clearly in the universe for me to feel. In all this I hope that he and I can have the courage to be together and try to make this work. Without looking back to face the future together in each others lives. To tell him that I love him and have always loved him and do still. That he is my long awaited blessing.

      @author, I do hope you have that courage to tell the one you love how much you love them and the strength to make your relationship work no matter what comes your way. Good luck with everything should you decide to pursue that which is in the deepest part of your heart and soul and may you be blessed for it.

    3. All you have to do is ask...
      September 27, 2017 at 2:37 am


      I would never be able to turn you away if you approached me. At least never on the soul level.

      I still sometimes feel your silent echoes, especially at night when we lay down to rest and are not distracted. I whisper your name too you know.

      My heart can. When I feel it purring I like to think it is you thinking positively of me. Such an energetic push/pull thoughts can have!

      I can not hear or know what you are thinking and I am glad because that would be kind of creepy. I can only feel energy and I am not always sure if it is yours or not. Yours is often sad energy but just as often it is very warm. It is much stronger than most of the unwanted energy that I have learned to Shield myself from. It often leaves me feeling conflicted, which leads me to believe you too are sometimes conflicted.

      Yes, but sometimes I need to ground myself in the reality of what you have said and not said.

      You are always the one I turn to when I need to escape the 3rd.

      Yes, soul caller.

      Yes, but I have trouble understanding exactly what it is that you are so scared of.




      Trust your gut and the energy your heart feels. Learn to Shield yourself (and ground yourself). Learn to unlearn. Don’t get stuck in an ever repeating cycle. Grow! Take your time though, I am patient. I would wait a lifetime and more for you because I know I have a lifetime or more of work on myself to become worthy of you. However, I would not mind doing some of it together in the physical. Maybe we could help accelerate the process! Regardless, I don’t think I’ll ever give up on the hope of eternal love. I hope it is you.

      P.S. Don’t let this mind fuck you if it is not for you. You will know. Remember, “listen to your heart …..”

      • @ground&grow
        October 6, 2017 at 7:39 pm

        Aside from who this is for, I can imagine some of us would benefit by adopting your attitude. Hard to see in the moment, but you’re right -situations like this bring opportunity for growth… Things usually at the end work themselves out, only if we choose to take best from it. Thank you for the refreshment of healthy perspective!

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