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    Hey! Just wanted to get these things of my chest. So I’m writing this letter to you. The thing is that I miss you. More precise, I miss US. I miss those sweet little moments that we share together. I miss those moments when after every single second, you used to tell me that you love me. I miss those cute faces that you used to make when I would say something lame. I miss those moments when you used to send me my ugly pictures telling me how cute or funny I looked. I miss those moments when you used to wink for me just to make me blush. I miss those moments when even your single smile would make my day, no matter how much bad the day had already been. I miss those late night calls from you. I LITERALLY JUST MISS EVERY SINGLE THING! And this fact that we’re no more together, kills me even more. It feels like my routine has been fixed and as if I’m nothing less than a stupid little machine. Without you, I’ve got no life. You used to make me feel alive. Now my lufe is no less than a barren land that has nothing to offer except dust. Sometimes I feel like the real cause for this depression is you only, but then I realize that the only cure of this is YOU. A wise man once said, “People never realize the real value of what they already have until its gone forever.” And the same goes with me too. I miss everything since you’ve gone and the fact that you would never return makes me more guilty. But there’s no doubt in the fact that I love you and will always continue to do so.
    But all I can ask you for is an apology. And I, in the end, just wanna wish you a better life ahead. Take care.

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    1. The cure is US
      September 25, 2017 at 7:33 pm

      eye miss us too. if you missed us enough you would say or do something.

      I’m not gone I still exist. I I am not present in your life. You asked me to go away. If you want something from me you are going to have to come and ask for it. You should only return to people or places that value your presence instead of your absence. I’m not your cure. The cure is US.

      take care



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