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    If you would want to try it. It’s called physical therapy. We both agree up front not to make love. We are and stay fully dressed! No bra or panties though (too constricting)! . A shirt and jeans only. We sit on the hotel bed. We start off staring into one another. At this point we would start to feel our breathing getting deep and a bit more rapid. I would move to your back. Start massaging your shoulders. I would assume you were as tense as I was feeling at that moment and touching is allowed. I would lean in and smell your warm neck. My lips run up and down as close as I can get them without touching you. I would know you were feeling it by the way your head falls back and your eyes roll as you shut them. Your mouth slightly open as you breath deep and let it out, but what really gives it away would be the goosebumps that lift on your warm skins surface. I keep massaging. My body aching and wanting to be up against yours bare. I slowly move I front of you, still massaging. I lean my lips so close to yours that I can feel your warm breath on them. Your eyes open. Our eyes meet with agreement that the feelings are a bit too intense, but we don’t stop. I work my way down the front of your neck. Your hands move to my waist as you barely get out an ” it’s my turn to ease your tense shoulders.” Our eyes meet in agreement. You move to my back and take the clip out of my hair and let it fall. My head, like yours lays back at the feel of your sexy hands squeezing. You lean in and smell my neck. Your lips so close I bet you could feel my pulse on them. You say my name as I say yours. Our appetite for each other is getting sooo strong. I can feel my jeans getting wet as my bodies been through a lot of release. I take my hand and run it up your outer thigh and run it to the inner once I hit your hip. “I can feel the heat in between your legs. I want to touch you so badly, but keep to my word not to touch you sexually. I lay back on the bed and spread my legs. I say ” it’s not against the rules to smell what you caused!” Your eyes and mine piercing into one another. We are both wanting to make love, but are content with how good our bodies are feeling and really enjoying each other’s company. You do take your hands and lean in to take me in deep. Your cheek rubs up my inner thighs.

    Too be continued.

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