• My dear boy…

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    If you are pining over some woman who only seems to fall for “jerks” and so-called “bad boys”, don’t! These are not mature, self-respecting and evolved people. They are mindless baubles, too insecure and shallow to be of much use to you as a reliable life partner. Use them for a quick pleasure if you must, but they’re better left to stew in the results of their own misguided ineptitude.

    They are easily swayed by endless, vacuous promises even when no supporting results can be produced. “Accountability” is beyond them as they will incessantly complain about him when they realize the ramifications of they’re emotional blindness. Logic also evades them as they have failed to realize, throughout the ages, that many males behave this way upon observation of the results for other males who behave this way.

    My dear boy, I tell you not to fall into this trap. Be mindful of your life, goals and aspirations and do not ruin yourself for these cretins. I tell you that there are people of substance and who deserve respect by respecting themselves first. They are difficult to find at times but have I not told you in other lessons that nothing worth having presents itself without some effort? Put that effort towards youself — in every aspect of mind and body — and you WILL be rewarded.

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    1. EmptytpmE
      September 19, 2017 at 9:06 am

      Sounds like you love him, and don’t see why the girl he has a connection or a want of connection with her.
      Sounds like you may of caught jealousy?
      You can’t talk him out of attraction by psycho analyzing his choice in woman…. we all attract amazing lovers, they part ways being jerks. Don’t forget that. It’s not who they are it’s how they were left. There’s no innocence

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