• For the abuser

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    You thought you left us broken, I think in a way you take pride in that. I haven’t seen you in 17 years and I can’t say I’m upset about that. What you did to us all was horifying for my mother and my brother at least. I however was born into the beatings the torture it was normal, you were always careful to make sure any bruises would be out of sight, that’s how I know it was calculated. You knew exactly what you were doing and I guess you enjoyed it. I suppose in a strange way I should thank you, do you know why?

    Because I didn’t have to wait to be shown that life will kick you when your down, I never had to face that sterling realisation. It was childhood 101 for me. The only lesson you taught me was life is cruel and your powerless to stop it.

    But I found my resolve, it took long enough but I realised life is cruel but that doesn’t mean I can’t be happy and proud, I came thru what you did to us… I have my scars both mental and physical but I don’t look upon them with shame and sadness. I look at them with a smile on my face and pride in my soul.

    I survived what you did, I used to be terrified I would turn out like you but I know I won’t.

    I don’t hate you. Not in the least, I pity you tho. The man unfit to bare the title father.

    You didn’t break us.


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