• Don’t let life pass you by

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    Ever get that feeling you have just been slapped in the face?!

    Whilst rewriting this, 3 say; “date”. Even after all the heartache that isn’t what I want.
    I want to satisfy and share with you and only you. To fulfil your wildest fantasies and mine. The pleasure together surpasses words it is so immense.


    But that’s not going to happen again.
    So, I should date? Right.
    Still I am unsure because,

    I should be over by now
    Or so people say.
    But alas, that seems a mere fantasy
    Or a fantasy at least it should be
    But not to me.
    To me it has become a nightmare.
    For you see,
    Every day I still wake to your face
    And even as the night draws near
    You just pop in.
    Welcome yet, unwelcome.
    You knock at my door.
    A visitor, just as I.
    But you are a visitor that I wish to stay!


    Is shouted across the lands.
    But I am at a loss.
    A crossroads,
    Where all the ways are draped in darkness, all the same,
    The best would be a guess.
    And so fast did the good intentions pass.
    Stuck here on view, an exhibition for all the crew.
    Naked and on show I break down these walls that I too built.
    Hoping to find an answer.
    From my path I see you.
    Even when you do not shine so bright.
    I still walk that path in darkness.
    I may trip and I may fall,
    At times I may even have to crawl.
    But you showed me more than I had seen before.
    You made me feel. No matter how much that scared/s and angers me.
    And oh boy have you done that, It is a fact that I hope guides you on a path to brighter affairs.
    I know I’m not perfect and that not every action has been precise.
    I am sorry.

    Look up!
    Look up!

    Declamations drifting into the unknown, maybe to be drown out by unacquainted souls,
    It matters not!
    The moons still pass, sometimes shining a salubrious light replete with hope and affirmation.
    The changing form enchanting in its effortless wonder.
    Surrounded by the void echoless space.
    Which spreads
    And spreads
    And spreads
    As if there is no end,
    But as the old moon takes its leave.
    It shall not be forgotten for even in those darkest of days it lives on.
    It will prevail!
    It will prevail to cast its message once more.

    Even now as this day fades into night, you fade not from my mind.
    Never has a day passed when I have not wanted to see your face.

    I don’t know where the path will lead or what to do.

    But please, don’t let life pass you by.

    00111111 00101011 00111111

    3 Responses to Don’t let life pass you by

    1. slapslapslap
      September 20, 2017 at 7:18 am

      Playing anonymous riddle games on here will ascertain one thing for sure: life definitively will pass you by. Therefore, your letter could be summarized as being (your words) hypocritical. This is not meant to be critical , just sayin’ what I am thinking. Very good luck and best wishes to you, hope you are enjoying life on virtual planet LINS, not a bad place to be stuck!

    2. Go date!
      September 20, 2017 at 9:57 am

      Don’t wait, a good man is out there waiting for you, and have some fun!

    3. Author @ ALL
      September 22, 2017 at 6:28 pm

      Its anonymous if you dont know either of us. Also I sure as hell don’t think he will read this or reply on here. If he does I will literally eat my hat! IF he had replied unknowingly the response would be similar to the first comment. But who knows right!

      First (and last letter in two years ish). Yes it is hypocritical but every now and then you need a release. This is my way. I write in my journal usually. This is a special occasion though. I’m saying goodbye to the man I fell for and who I thought fell for me. I still vividly remember the days. It breaks my heart. No matter how much he pissed me off I told him I would never walk away and now, now I have no choice.

      P.s it was them I hope would not let life pass them by. I have and will date. I have and will be successful in getting second and third dates if I wish and I have and will continue to live my life. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think of him or that I don’t care anymore or that I wouldn’t try again.

      P.p.s. Remember my letter is about hope not merely hypocrisy!
      Thank you for commenting 🙂 Good luck to both of you!

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