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    It’s been 4 days since you left, and I have had time to reflect. I miss you more than I could ever put into proper words and my heart is silently weeping. There is no amount of time that will heal this. I know we were never anything, and I couldn’t even fathom trying to be someone you did not want me to be in your life. But I can say,you made a lasting impression on me, even when you didn’t quite understand my letter to you, that in it’s own way,it was my plea for you to see me,raw and wide open, realize you were so cared and cherished. Did I love you, yes, of course, as much as a person could love someone so special. I won’t call it a missed chance or opportunity, I didn’t have a right to impose my feelings on you. I was drawn to you the very first moment I met you, barbecuing in the back yard. And I remember when you were so upset that evening in Walmart, and I asked if you were okay, and you said no and you walked away. I wanted to take you in my arms and hug you and assure you it would be alright. But I couldn’t do that, I was afraid of what I was feeling. As time went on, we talked, laughed and teased each other. 2 beautiful nights together, my gosh you were amazing!I never pushed for more, even though I would have loved to be kissed for the first time in so many years and I wanted that with you. We both know the age difference played such a big part in how things played out, and our lives and your commitment. I moved, am still moving forward and away from my past life. You impacted and lol, ruined me, I now know what I can and cannot put myself through all over again, I have to keep moving forward.While you may not believe that, it is true. My future awaits me, it is wide open and I am embracing it! I miss you, and thank you for your friendship.

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    1. This is what I'm Afraid of
      September 24, 2017 at 12:00 am

      this whole post is the answer I’m afraid I’m going to get if I ever ask

      • Nope,it doesn't matter
        September 25, 2017 at 10:03 pm

        Well….that does not specify the question in which you are seeking an answer to?

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