• You will never know how much I wanted to kiss you

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    I met you and you were so damn intelligent. I told myself that I respected your mind and wanted to work with you. When I found out you had a wife and kids, I wasn’t surprised. But…something in me was so disappointed and thought “Oh, of course”. That’s when I realized that it wasn’t just professional awe from one attorney who struggled to thrive to one who excelled and succeeded in everything. I wanted you more than the man I was in a relationship. I still do. I think about kissing you and what making love to you would be like. Doc review attorney wanting nothing more than to kiss the newly-made-firm partner. I no longer see you, or have any contact with you, and it kills me. You made me instantly feel as ease and calm in a sea of sharks. You made me laugh and I sensed something between us. You never made one move. But God, I wish you had. You made me remember I was intelligent after years of crippling grief convinced me otherwise. You also made me feel like a woman after 7 difficult years with a man who constantly put me last. A man I watched look at other women the way I used to wish he looked at me. I wanted you D.B. more than you will ever know. And part of me wishes I could see you out somewhere…you live less than 15 minutes from me…just so I could see if any trace of what I sensed is still there. Just so I could kiss you one time. Just one time, so I will know what it would feel like. I wish I could tell you that I’m single now, that I ended my relationship. I wish I could tell you that I haven’t wanted anyone the way I want you in a long time. I still do.

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