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    I have no fancy words
    No poetry
    You were my everything

    It does not matter if you read this or accept things or not
    If you act mad or are mad
    It is what it is

    Not sure what the fuss is all about
    You have shown so little care in what I do for quite some time now

    When I got my apartment
    I thought that the disinterest you had shown me while visiting your house
    Would somehow improve
    It did not

    There was less and less time spent together
    And no quality when we did
    You cannot ‘keep’ me unless there is

    You most obviously have other interests
    Good for you
    You should

    Well, I want to find my interests
    I want to move on
    Good or bad
    I want to move on

    Yes, I did love you
    We have grown in different directions
    It happens
    No one is right and no one is wrong
    It just is

    I “hope” everything is wonderful for you now and always
    I “hope” the same for myself

    I had a lot more I wanted to say
    But you never let me get a word in when we had face to face conversation
    Forever talking over me
    Now all the words have grown tired of trying to be heard
    Do not have the fight to come out

    Thank you for all the ‘firsts’
    There is a lot of them

    Always never
    Good luck
    Love always


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