• If i ever lost you…..

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    If i ever lose you, it would be a dark world for me. Butterflies will not fly no more, Birds won’t sing anymore, and the stars won’t shine at night anymore. It was my fault, there for i take full responsibility for the act i committed, but that doesn’t mean give up on me just yet, I may be the men and the only men that would love you the way you deserved to be love, the only Men that would treat you the way you suppose to be treated and perhaps and maybe the only man that would do anything for you. Im asking for a chances, I’m asking for you to forget what happen and move forward to better days to come next to me. Loving you is the best part of my life, seeing you its carrots to my eyes, and kissing you its water to my mouth. You aré heathy for me, if you haven’t noticed that. Im sorry that I let you down, I know that you told me you no longer want to be my fiancé, Well i can’t obligated you to be, but for me you are my “Fiancé” and I will someday marry you. Not today not in a year but maybe 2 years from now i will be calling you my wife. I risky long time and term relationship to help a friend out, but it wasn’t hes fault, it was all mines, he didn’t had a gun to my head, he didn’t obligate me to do it, i did it for my own convinions, and Im truly sorry for it, truly am. I have love you since the first day i lay eyes on you back to 2010, now its 2017. 7 years later and i still love you the same way and maybe more than I used to. I always had hope for “us” for “You” for this “Relationship” I got you not and i almost lost you. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel the feeling of almost losing someone you hve love for such a long time. It leaves a big empty hole in your chest like if you took my heart when you walked out the door. Like if my soul just got pull from me. The feeling i wouldn’t want to go thru ever again… There for i want you to understand I’m not going hurt you ever again.. i know i would have to win your heart all over again, Im up for the challenge baby! Im not planning on going anywhere, I want to be by your side, I want to be next to you for the rest of my life and built each other up for a better person and be somebody in life so we can start building a family together. I want you and just you, so if you ever think otherwise, Don’t bother you be wasting your time, cause I want you Baby, just you. I will make all this worth the struggles we are going thru. Long distance relationship are not the easiest one but we have made it work so far.. why stop now.? Let’s keep fighting, and if you are tired, Ill fight for both of us if i have to. But I can’t afford to lose you. You are my rock. I love you D.A.

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