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    The journey of life is so painful yet the adventure one. Have gone through the pain and found happiness along the way. But sometimes I got suffocated cozy of many things. Yes I am beautiful God has given me the beauty at the same time I am lacking in many things. Coz of circumstances and family obligation I can’t opt for higher study what I have been crave for and my responsibility forced me to give up my study. I started doing job.
    I choose the rare branch for my study, which forced me to become alone in the career run. I didn’t get a colleagues with the same gender even after 10year in my professional life.
    Than it comes to marriage, the run of marriage and a life of single girl always sucks. I don’t t want to marry a man as the society wants, I want to marry a man what I want but I don’t know, I whether I’ll succeed or not. The pressure of marriage and age forcing me to accept anyone. But why me to compromise always from childhood to till marriage. Sometimes I feel to commit suicide.
    Why God, why me.
    Life of a 28yr old single girl sucks. No friend to listen to me nor my problem, happiness. I don’t have anyone to share the problem and I can’t share everything with parents. It sucks God. Please help me in the journey of life.

    I want to grow
    I want to achieve everything what I dreamt for
    I hurt many and many hurts me
    I have broken and I broke many
    I am sorry but please do some miracle on my life
    Plse God do some miracle..

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