• Another year begins

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    hi girl,
    Just because i made it a duty to always write letters for your birthday and this is going to be the last birthday we spend in the same school so it should be a special one.
    Truth is that you are lowkey a drama queen… oops i mean highkey, men its a lot to deal with. But its okay because i have spent 4years dealing with that. i sincerely appreciate every single thing you have done for me. like really!!!
    Thanks so much for the moments you made me laugh, you are really a fun person to be with. Thanks also for trying to be a good friend when i needed you. i sincerely hope that this friendship lasts beyond the walls of school and truth be told, we may not be friends at every chapter of our lives but i hope i would always be a friend to you when you need me like you were for me.
    I want you to live this new year that you are beginning with much enthusiasm. Don’t give up with the problems or challenges that may appear because you will not be alone, I will be at your side to push you or stop you according with your needs and yes, God would be there also.
    I wish you a great birthday, the best of all. Because this year is special , it is one more year that you enlighten our lives with your presence, with your joy and your personality. Thanks for being as you are, for being my friend and thanks for taking care of me. I love you and I wish you a great, happy, nice and unbelievable birthday. I will be with you to celebrate it hopefully.
    I know we argue all the time but I know deep down you love me and yes there is always a better way to communicate the things you say. I pray this new year helps you improve your people communication skill.
    Finally i hope all the plans you have for this day comes to pass. I hope you have a very lovely day. Happy 20th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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