• That Weekend Last Year!!

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    That weekend last year, was the best weekend I ever had. Before continuing, let me admit, YES I was nervous..I was confused….and also at the same time I was on cloud nine – because finally after a year we are together all alone by ourselves.
    On the stairs, going up to my flat, I could sense excitement, nervousness, impatience, he desire to get together (both of us were going through this). As I unlocked that little lock and we stepped inside, you put your arms around me from the back and gave me bigggg kiss, just to assure me that it is good and there’s more to come…! So simple, but you took my breath away at that moment. The kiss which followed was so soft yet so hard, my heart melted. For a second I couldn’t believe all that was happening for real. Your kisses melt me. Every time.
    As I stumbled you held me tight with love, looked into my eyes with admiration and unpinned me from the walls.
    And then came the next door. The bathroom door, we were at it. The warm water from the shower running all over our bodies. Your lips find mine immediately after the removal of the clothes, and our stumbling feet holding each other firmly in that shower. Then the fall on the bed just made our passion grew more and more. As they say, we became ‘The One Soul’, and lost control…………and then we collapsed into tired sleep. My head on your left shoulder, your right hand on my waist, our legs intertwined, our slow breaths kiss each other and then you pull me closer into a tight hug (a hug I had never had before), with a gentle and soft kiss on my forehead. When you ran fingers through my tangled hair (without any complain :P), I tried to hide the smile on face, however I knew I was unsuccessful in doing that, because you saw me and I remember that grin on your face. And that is my one of the favourite kisses.
    You know you might not know, but you have so many kisses and apparently all of them are my favourite.
    The check kiss, when you know that the next kiss on my lips will result into something else. I love the pressure you do this kiss. The neck kiss, which leaves me wriggling and I collapse with your body. The kiss on the nose, just makes me waannna cuddle you more and more. And at the last, but not the least, the kisses during the sex time, between the moaning and super-fast breathing…the way you react me sucking and biting your lips, the way your smell becomes our smell…..it drives me mad and crazy. And especially on that weekend when it all happened for the very first time in our lives…
    I love you <3 <3

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