• 2 summers ago

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    2 summers ago, I met this young woman. Eyes as entrancing as a car accident. Smile, piercing her well carved cheeks, which by the way mimic the texture that of your most expensive silk in your mother’s closet. A laugh that can bring joy to the most grumpiest .. which was I, at times. A voice, that always choked your attention, always asking for more. A mind, that always sparked the most interesting conversations, no matter the topic, it was always her remarks. Her name alone was so uniquely spelt, got your attention, even on paper, or virtually.
    2 summers ago, I met this young woman. I was 17, she was 18. Both, young, both submissive to an unordinary love story. We spent that summer together, and the summer after that too. we’d kick-it once a week, doing something we both enjoyed, but we never had similar interests. We both enjoyed each other, no matter the activity, that was it. I enjoyed seeing her face from the passenger side of the Suzuki. When she’d drive, she couldn’t tell I was always admiring her, I’d do anything to get a glimpse of her smile. We went everywhere on Long Island together, the concept of time didn’t exist when I was with her.
    2 summers ago, I met this young woman. We had grown, grown apart, to get closer. We’d spent almost every day together, until we both realized we were both in love, it was hopeless. We’d spend nights together, bare skin on bare skin. All love. She’s changed my perception on so many things.
    She tried being a friend, always said lovely things, caring and supportive things. We both tried. We both failed. She wishes she was with someone else.
    I love her.
    2 summers ago, I want that.
    2 summers ago, isn’t now, we didn’t make it through this summer.
    2 summers.

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