• I will never understand you

    by  • September 14, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    You know, we could have had a good life. We started with nothing and both of us worked so hard together. But while I thought I was building a kingdom, a legacy and base for our people, you decided you were going to take my loyalty and hard work and make more rods for my back. You sat back and watched me toil and let your spit land on my face with your derision.

    You had a beautiful smart wife, a wonderful mother for your kids, beautiful, talented lovely kids and you saw NOTHING of value in any of it. How could you have with the way you behaved? And yet I’d hear “yes, I love you and I love our kids’ and yet time and time again your actions never, ever matched your words. And even when you were pretending to work on it – your actions weren’t matching your words. And now the kingdom is lost. But not to me. I’m still going to build one. I’m still the one they will always come home to. You lost so much, just for the sake of wanting to be able to be rude and nasty to us. All you had to do was be nice – that’s it. It’s not even a hard thing to do and yet you’d rather burn your kingdom than just be nice.

    I’m the one that held us all together when it was apparent you were never going to grow up. I’m the one who created a new family without the brooding, spitting, shouting, selfish POS glowering at us at the dinner table, night after night. And I did it well. And you, well, you; nobody, not least of all me, will ever understand the choices you made. There isn’t a person who knows us, who doesn’t think you are insane. There isn’t really a person left on the island who doesn’t hate you either. I just think about the life you left and what you did to us all and for what? For something that will never ever match up to what you lost.

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