• My Last Will and Testament

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    My dearest and most beloved,

    Please know that it was my time to go. That when you read this, I am far away from here. My soul has been guided to wherever the unknown is. And that that is okay. Please take care of our life together, when you’re ready. Don’t cry for me. Tears are made for happiness, not sorrow. Lay me down to rest where green pastures lie, and put my ashes back to the earth. I’m not afraid of dying. I knew that one day this would happen. And it’s no one’s fault. All of the things I leave behind with you, you can do with as you see fit. You know me better than anyone else, so it only makes sense you decide. I have one request, though. Please take great care of our cats. Give them twice the love in my stead. Be all that you can be for them. Don’t give up on our dreams. I plead you not blame the universe or some God that could not change what happened. Please know that I have loved you since the day you kissed me under the bridge by the riverside. Know that every memory I have cherished had you in it. Remind yourself that every promise I made I kept to you, so let me make one more promise: I promise that this is not goodbye forever, it’s only goodbye for now. I believe the universe put us in each others’ lives for a reason, and you will find your way back to me. I’ll be here waiting. I love you.

    Always, Your Heart.

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