• I hope you know

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    I hope you know by now
    how much I love you
    I so much want to tell you
    that I miss you
    that I been thinking of you
    that I wish

    I hope you know

    I won’t tell you

    no matter how much I long to do so
    no matter that I always did in the past
    no matter what
    never boxing it up in “my turn” “your turn”
    I just always did let you know
    sooner or later
    gave in

    I hope you know
    how I feel about you

    I hope you don’t how I feel right now

    or some other moments
    there are not for you to know

    unless you care enough

    and while I hope you know
    that there is close to nothing I wouldn’t do for you

    I hope you know

    that this time

    this time I will be strong enough
    strong enough to let you
    let you go

    this time
    no matter how much
    how much I want to just scream
    scream and tell you
    tell you how much I miss you
    I won’t

    I hope you know
    and I hope you know

    no bings
    no bongs
    no bacon

    Through it all
    for this very moment
    I have a spark of hope left
    hope because you are so close
    thinking maybe
    this time just maybe

    I hope you know
    I hope

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