• Triggered Shellfishness

    by  • September 10, 2017 • Thinking of you • 0 Comments

    If you had any respect for what we had, you wouldn’t have fucking cheated & introduced her as your official “girlfriend” 3 weeks later.
    There were so many other ways of being selfish. It actually scares me that after all this time, the pain still feels like it did the first month & the left side of my chest physically tightens. I still have no fucking clue why you chose that route of lying to me when we made decisions together. I know I fucked around too, but I chose burn those bridges because I knew that what we had & what we could become was greater than that. We could’ve ruled the world together. FOR FUCKSAKE, I was ready to apply & get my Visa! It also still amazes me how I had to call you on MY Birthday to hear your voice for 7:45 minutes.
    4 years & this it what it boils down to…
    I’ll probably regret writing & sharing this in the morning.

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