• Emotional Sentiments

    by  • September 10, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, Closure • 0 Comments

    4 months ago we met and your quirkiness and fun natured self rattled the cage I was in,and breathed air back into my life. Blessed to have known you,and sad to see you go. But your new life awaits you out there in the other world and those of us left behind are going to miss the friend we found in you. This is especially hard for me, I knew it would be, for the one person who really ever gave me the time of day around here will soon be gone and the already deafening silence is making its way back in. I am breaking inside, I will not last long without someone to help hold my spirits up, I cannot do this in total silence, I cannot be the best for my daughter, when I am not feeling tip top. Why don’t people see me, why does it feel as if I am always just so disposable, like I only exist for others, but no one exist for me? How much heartbreak can I possibly take before I fall into the bottomless pit of despair? Why am I not someone that people want to get to know, what is so wrong with me that I must go through life feeling so incomplete, unloved, non-existent? Am I even really alive, is this my afterlife from the traumatic near death experience I suffered years ago? Yep,this hurts like hell, never being good enough for anyone anymore! But back to you,who’s leaving soon, you are going to be missed and will never be forgotten!

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