• Ke a go rata

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    You my love, mung wa pelo ya me, you are the seeker of meaning and truth in all its true essence. A seeker too of guidance, wise counsel, self introspection and a denial of the external sensations with a need to also at times withdraw from worldly distractions. You are the pale moon lighting its beams into my deep darkest soul. A light upon which I cling to for love. The reviver of my spirit and soul. The flame that beckons to the moth inside me.

    Ke go bona fela jaaka o ntse mogatsaka le go fitisisa. Ke go bona ka fa leseding le ka fa lefifing la gago. Mung wa pelo ya me. Wena o ke go ratang ka pelo ya me yotlhe.

    Ke wa gago ka nako tsotlhe le ka metlha yotlhe. Ke go amogela ebile ke go rata ka moo o leng ka teng. Pelo ya me ke ya gago.

    Ka lorato ke ineela go wena go tshedisana le wena mo loratong le mo kagisong ka nako tsotlhe.

    Ke a go rata Tony

    Ke go rata mogatsaka

    Rantings of a woman in love

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