• I’ll Be Missing You

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    I never felt i would find love. Always a little awkward and never the
    first choice. It was like lightning when we met and you glanced over your shoulder at me. I could barely breathe. I know you felt it too and later confirmed when you would see me.

    It amazed me each time I would run into you that you actually knew my name! You would find me and call it out with a look that could melt the strongest heart. I dreamed of how your were so creative and seemed to like me. You even said had been meaning to ask me out. I hesitated to mention we may have an age gap as you seemed to not care. You were real and amazing! I couldn’t believe how lucky I was at a later time in my life to be blessed to meet you.

    Well one evening things got a little crazy and we did the unimaginable but it was so incredible. I forgot what a kiss felt like and it was so nice to feel again. I was so happy when you assured me that you were so lucky to have me in your life.

    Then the next day I saw you and I was so excited to walk up to you and just say hi and see your smile. It was like a knife to my heart when you ignored me and pretended I did not exist. You laughed at me humiliating me in front of others and saying why don’t I get a clue.

    Well it has almost been one year since that day and I know you never think of me but I will always remember you. The guy who changed me forever. The one who convinced me I deserved better meaning you just didn’t want to say I was not enough or too
    old to love. I should date lots of guys and not think you could even imagine anything with me. It never happened and you moved away or ran away.

    I am here now thinking of you and hoping you’re happy. I hope you meet someone who cares about you a quarter of what I did and bared their soul. May you feel how I feel about you and never let that love dim. I will always love you and I know you never cared and I am a joke to you.

    I am thinking of you tonight and realizing there is no fool like an older fool. Walking along I see couples and think of you hoping someone will look over their shoulder and give you a look that melts your heart the way you melted mine.

    I have moved on like you wanted and I choose not to look any more. Giving into the fact you were my person and I will never feel the way I felt with you that one amazing night.

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