• won’t

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    i want to tell u it wasn’t ur friend who introduced us, it was fb.
    not the first time u got me mixed up with someone else, we’re done and there’s no reason to set the record straight. i want to send u this oh so fitting meme i came across… “oh so u hit it and quit it…. tell me again how u want girls with morals.”
    pointless. as pointless as everything else ive done regarding u. a waste of time.
    i want u to know ive already forgotten the last 4 digits of ur # and ive not had it saved in my phone for years. I want to tell u that i finally realized what kept me coming back…i’d forgive telling myself it just happens sometimes, forgive thinking we all just want to be happy, i’d hold on to that compassion until i’d convinced myself u were just like me, capable of mistakes and forgiveness… it was a trap, at least for me. practicing compassion, seeing myself in others, imagining them to be as worthy of care and consideration despite mistakes made.. ur not like me. i want to tell u that i finally see how u always come to the conclusion that i was playing games… because thats exactly what u were doing.. it took me long enough to stop looking at u as if u were a reflection of myself… its what people do, its what i did and i thought u were someone worthwhile, i was wrong.. the image u got of me was that i was some mind game playing whatever and that was just u seeing the reflection of urself…i shifted through the ashes, theres nothing left to learn here, ive done the final relationship autopsy and i want to tell u, but i wont.

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