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    How can joy be so profound?
    How is distance so painful?
    In my tears I drowned.

    I can’t go back.
    I can see the past.
    The happiness I now lack.

    I see their smiles.
    Bitter sweet.
    So many miles.

    To look into her eyes.
    To look into the only blue sky that matters.
    Without then my heart shatters.

    A hand to hold.
    A voice that warms the cold.
    A love in a perfect mold.

    I feel the fear in me.
    Their lives filled with glee.
    I look in the mirror, just me.

    Could this have been a mistake?
    I feel so lost, so fake.
    There’s so much at sake.

    They’re never forgotten.
    They’ll never be more loved.
    They couldn’t know.

    What they meant.
    What they where.
    What they’ll always be.

    I dream I could go back.
    I dreamt of holding her.
    Then I woke…

    They where my joy.
    More than my world.
    They don’t know…

    How much they saved a scared boy.


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